Party Decor

Barbie Box with Balloon Garland and 3 cone tables $475

TWO fast Party set up- Organic Balloon Garland, Giant letters, props, and kids table set up $475

Construction theme Balloon Garland with Backdrop, props, cone tables, and custom name- $450

Number Balloon $12.99

Small Balloon Garland with simple greenery and 3 cone tables $250

Letters ONE $25

Copper Frame $50

Organic Balloon Garland with Backdrop $450

Kids table set up $25

Capes and masks- $5 each

3 backdrop boards $150

2 Organic custom color balloon garlands with flowers and greenery $575

Special gold dinosaur Mylar balloons $15.99 each

14 feet Organic Balloon Garland with flowers $450

Baby Shower Set Up- 2 Backboards (6 feet tall) and Box letters $125

Custom color balloon garland with pampas $450

Bear with balloons $175

Oh Baby wooden sign $25